If you are looking for a therapy in Madrid where you can speak in English, this is your place:

Sabere Clínica is a team of professional psychologists and psychoanalysts located in Madrid city center. We offer treatment for any kind of psychic problems: anxiety, anguish, stress, eating disorders, depression, relationship difficulties, psychiatric disorders, anger, melancholy, phobia, obsessive thinking, etc. Whether you are in Madrid for a brief period of time, or you came for a long-term stay, you may need to talk to someone about those things you are worried about. This is the reason why we offer therapy, both for a long process or just some sessions, to help you through during the time you are spending in Madrid.

Most of the times we don’t even think about going to therapy when we are in a foreing country just because we can’t find professionals to talk in a language we feel comfortable with, whether it is our mother tongue or a language we feel fluent with. That is why our service is also offered in English, a language many people speak around the world, not only native speakers.

Getting to understand what is at stake in your suffering is essential to relieve those symptoms related to it. It is important to know what is holding us down, or what is stopping us from doing what we would like to do. Sometimes it is all about getting to know what we want, and revealing what is being an obstacle to get it. Most obstacles are often inside us, in the shape of phantoms that we are not yet acquainted with. Through therapy you can get to know what those phantoms are about, and therefore, weaken the power they hold inside you.

Exploring the foundations of your symptoms, sufferings and difficulties, is the way to handle them in a better form. Any moment is good to start a therapy, come and meet us in Paseo Reina Cristina 6, near Atocha Renfe and Menéndez Pelayo. The first interview is free.